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Iron Fist Pony Tail Fringe Vest is a great accessory for this hot beach wether. Iron Fist fashion’s is the stuff of dreams and nightmares. Iron Fist fashion statement is fun, loud and never says, “Sorry.”
❤ Iron Fist Pony Tail Vest
❤ Women’s Fit
❤ Pony Tail Vest
❤ Metal stud accents through out vest
❤ Cropped
❤ Removable pink fringe detail
❤ Color: Blue Indigo
❤ 2 front zip pockets
❤ Button up
❤ Sleeveless vest
❤ Made In China
❤ Care: Cold wash and Hang dry
❤ Measurements:
Chest x Length
Large: 18″ x 18.5″
X-Large: 20″ x 18.5″

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